Our Activities

Tax Research

Capacities buildings of Tax officers, Fiscal policy Administrators/Implementers and Conduct Various Tax research.

Organize youth groups

Organize youth groups/initiatives within the communities, at high schools, and academics.

Create associations

Create associations to protect them from the evils of the society and educate them about the family positive values.

Help solve family issues

Promote dialogue between family members on family issues.

Information programs

Organize information programs (television, radio, brochures, etc.)on the positive and negative aspects of Rwandan culture that families face in order to avoid any straying.

Organize training

Organize training of family members on family welfare, gender, gender-based violence, environmental protection.

familiarity with microfinance institutions

Inject small capitals into trained groups running small income-generating projects, bring them to a culture of savings and credit, and familiarity with microfinance institutions, and accomplish their task as citizens.

Sensitize and train people

Sensitize and train people to play an important role in determining development activities, providing them with information on human rights.

Children Education

Promote the education of children in families and in particularly vulnerable children;

Advocacy for the poor

Advocacy for the poor and handicapped for access to general services and in particular for health issues.

talents detection and promotion

empowerment of people through their talents detection and promotion


Advocacy for poor; Persons living with AIDS (PLWHIV) and handicaps…